Why Choose Us

Based in Derby, UK, Coes of Derby began designing and manufacturing products in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) in 1951. More than half-a-century later, Coes of Derby has developed and enhanced these technologies using polyesters, vinylesters and many other plastic processes to create high quality mouldings for a wide range of applications.

A key element to Coes of Derby’s approach to GRP is to combine our considerable experience working with GRP – and other fibres – using the latest manufacturing processes and techniques. We now include Spray Laminating and Resin Transfer Mouldings alongside the more traditional Hand Laminating.

Working with our clients at every stage of the development of a project, we ensure their full satisfaction with the final product.

An example of our innovation is in the field of fire-retardant resins. Traditionally, phenolics are specified in areas where a high level of fire resistance (and lower levels of noxious fumes) are required. The downside is that phenolic resins can be difficult  to work with and the additional resources required can add a significant overhead cost.

Coes of Derby took up the challenge of addressing this problem and, working within the high demands of military specifications, developed a ‘phenolic alternative’ which retains the benefits of phenolics while being significantly easier to work with while, at the same time offering significant cost-benefit. Our technologies have also been approved for use on London underground.