Special-purpose coatings save precious time in emergency situations

Products with specialist coatings designed and manufactured by Coes of Derby end up in some of the most dangerous places on earth!

Coe’s have been creating bespoke toolkits and specialist cases for Defence and emergency services applications for many years. In particular, work actively with the MoD to develop solutions to a range of challenges. We have addressed difficulties arising in extreme, inhospitable and high-risk environments around the globe.

Every branch of the Services, from the RAF to the Navy use our specially adapted GRP containers. We also supply numerous Foreign Forces, in the Arctic, the desert and everywhere in between.

Low Light – High Visibility

A potentially life-threatening issue was leaving personnel facing emergency situations literally in the dark. As a result, at night or in other circumstances of limited visibility, engineers faced a problem. Toolboxes and other kits could not necessarily be easily located when they were most needed.

Members of our design and technical team combined their expertise and insight with the in-depth product knowledge of our trusted raw materials suppliers. Together we developed up with a range of special-purpose coatings to make these vital cases far easier to find in the darkness.

The finishes Coe’s has now developed for practical use in such circumstances include luminous coatings. These will glow in the dark for several hours after exposure to light. In addition, we also offer infra-red reflective coatings that shine under a suitable infra-red light source. These are used extensively for military purposes and by rescue services. They even work in the pitch dark!

In conclusion, if you would like more information on how we can help you with your next GRP project, please get in touch