Focus on Quality

Hand lay-up fibre reinforced plastics can be a messy business but given the flexibility and diversity of ways they can be used, they are common in a wide range of high tech, precision applications.

Balancing the nature of the processes with the demand of high specification, precision-engineering applications can be difficult but Coe’s of Derby have risen to the challenge time and again and continue to do so working with a prestigious portfolio of customers.   

We are extremely proud to include both Rolls-Royce and the Ministry of Defence amongst our customers. Our quality-led relationships with these organisations and others are at the heart of our approach.  

Quality: more than just the end product.

The quality of our products is at the heart of our business and naturally, we are accredited to ISO 9001.  However, we recognise the importance of a much wider focus on quality.

From a customer’s first contact with our team through to after-sales, we aim to deliver the best service. At all stages, we aim to be both personal and effective.

An important element of our quality approach is our flexibility. As a bespoke manufacturer, we are presented with a mind-boggling array of enquiries. With fibre reinforced plastic being such an adaptable material, the possibilities are literally endless. From the highly technical to the downright bizarre, we aim to draw on our unrivalled experience to consistently give the best advice we can. Where we can work with customers to develop and supply products that meet their needs,  we aim to deliver on time and on budget every time.   

We know that our success comes from building solid relationships with our customers. To achieve this, quality must be at the heart of everything we do.

When new customers visit us for the first time, we regularly receive comments about the scope of our capabilities. In a world where so much comes down to the lowest common denominator, we focus on being the most effective.

We are proud of the work we do. If you have requirement of low to medium batch production of GRP components of the highest quality, do come and talk to us.