60 years and counting

Aerospace and defence must count as two of the most demanding sectors to work in. Their very nature makes attention to detail and delivering to precise, technical specifications imperative.

Coes of Derby is proud to have a long history of close working relationships within these industries.

For over 60 years, we have been supplying both the Ministry of Defence and Rolls Royce with bespoke equipment created and manufactured to their exacting requirements.

Serving the armed forces

Bespoke Tool Cases for the MoDThe unique cases developed by Coes to hold the specialist toolkits required for different MOD vehicles have seen service across the globe, from the Arctic to the desert. These purpose-designed GRP containers continue to be an established part of armed forces kit in all areas of the services, including the RAF and Navy, and have proved so successful that foreign forces around the world rely on Coes for the supply of their tool control systems.

We also produce custom-made GRP cabinets, which give all the benefits of the material’s durability and ease of use and handling in a variety of MOD applications. One design is employed on ranges to provide protection to personnel whilst detonating explosives.

The Rolls Royce of covers

Our links to the aerospace field are equally longstanding – and flourishing. Our dedication to the highest quality, consistency and reliability in all our products and services has made Coes the choice for Rolls Royce temporary engine covers for six decades. The bespoke GRP covers protect the internal mechanisms of jet engines during the manufacturing process, helping to ensure the optimum performance Rolls Royce demands.