New premises – new opportunities

With Coes marking 64 years of business this month, it is a double celebration with company making the move to new premises – with new opportunities!

Coes of Derby new location at Breaston, Derby

Coes of Derby new location at Breaston, Derby

After 58 years in the same, central Derby location, Coes of Derby have moved to a new site in Breaston, out to the east of the city.

“In 2006 Tesco purchased the Freehold of our Thirsk Place site and gave notice that we would be asked to move at some future date. We recently received that notice and have now been successful in obtaining improved premises at Breaston, Derbyshire, just 6 miles away.”
Chris Harrison, MD


Coes of Derby first started working in fibreglass (as it was known then!) in June 1951. Over the past half century, Coes has built up an enviable reputation for the ability to get the job done. Their focus is, and always has been, on working with clients to produce the best products and components as cost effectively as possible and this approach is as important today as it was in the 1950’s.

The move to Breaston is the latest step in this process of continuing development.

Evolutionary growth

As anyone who has lived or worked in the same place for a long time will appreciate, it is amazing how ‘stuff’ can gather and you get used to your surroundings and their idiosyncrasies.

Over more than 50 years, Coes’ business has evolved substantially as experience grew and new processes were introduced across a diverse range of customers from the MoD and Rolls Royce through to manufacturers of fairground rides and sports cars! The introduction of modern materials made the word fibreglass a bit of a misnomer so the concept of ‘Fibre Reinforced Plastic’ was introduced to cover the huge range of resins and fibres being used today.

As the business developed there was also a demand for more working space which resulted in production being spread across several buildings at the Thirsk Place site. While this spread never compromised the quality of Coes’ work. It did present logistical challenges from time to time!

A chance to modernise

The search for new premises spread wide but a key requirement was to use the move as an opportunity to modernise and improve production efficiencies. The Breaston premises, which have undergone sigificant refurbishment ahead of Coes moving in, are big enough for all production to be in one large workspace with additional areas for storage, testing, materials and staff welfare all under one roof.

Extensive, full height access makes maneuvering large finished components straightforward and with the M1 J25 less than 3 miles away, logistics across eth UK and further afield are readily organised.

Looking to the future

Although Coes have taken the opportunity of the move to improve on-site facilities, we recognised that there are some things we needed to bring with us to our new home, not least our customer-focussed attention to service and delivery

We are the same company, same management, and same skilled workforce giving the same quality service you have come to expect from Coes of Derby.

To quote one of our long term employees:

“it’s the same boat, just moored at a better jetty”.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home.