Innovation, but not as you know it

Innovation is not always about the big problems

Often when we think about the power of innovation, we think of it in the context of solving big problems. Developing a better battery or innovation to drive efficiency in manufacturing through AI and robotics, for example. However, very often it is in solving very specific issues that innovation delivers real value. It is in this area that Coes of Derby really excels.

With over 50 years experience in the field of fibre re-enforced composites, we have learned quite a bit. This experience delivers real-world value when applied to solving customers problems.

Knowledge and Experience

Ask anyone who has worked with Coes about the key strengths of the business, and you will get the same answer:

  • Extensive experience working with GRP
  • Expertise with a wide range of technical reinforcement fibres
  • Knowledge of the latest manufacturing processes and techniques including Spray Laminating and Resin Transfer Mouldings
  • Traditional Hand Laminating as an option for low volume/bespoke components.

This understanding puts Coes in a perfect position to deliver innovative solutions to specific customer problems.

Their capability is demonstrated perfectly in two recent case studies. In the first, a Vehicle Body converter was finding complex electric wing mirrors were regularly suffering damage which was proving expensive to repair. They were looking for more cost-effective options. The solution – developed by Coes, was to build a protective cowl into the body moulding. This not only protects the mirror, but also improves aerodynamics.

In the second case, Coes’ solution to display board housings in GRP both reduced cost, whilst at the same time opening up design opportunities that had not been possible when using traditional aluminium housings.

More details from both of these case studies are available on our website.

Flexibility and Innovation are at the heart of our business

“Flexibility and Innovation are at the heart of our business” explains Coes’ Wendy Dent, when asked about their approach to problem-solving for clients “Most of our projects start with a problem that needs solving. The key is to use our knowledge of fibre re-enforced composites, and furthermore, to explore how they can be used and manipulated in novel ways to deliver a solution.  This knowledge, combined with a highly flexible manufacturing model, enables us to deliver high-quality solutions to clients that are both innovative and cost-effective.”

If you are looking for a solution and think fibre re-enforced composites may deliver the answer, talk to us. We would love to give you the benefit of our experience.