Coe’s innovation delivers significant savings

Coe’s always look for the opportunity to deliver significant savings.

With experience since 1951, there are few challenges in our field that Coe’s has not come up against – and conquered! We are continually looking for new approaches to problems. Coe’s are happy to tackle both ongoing issues that affect industry as a whole and those specific to individual sectors or companies.

We are acutely aware of the ever-present need to drive down costs – never more so than now. However, we are also determined that this will not be achieved by compromising on quality, functionality or, of course, safety. Any sacrifice of standards can only bring a far heavier cost down the line.

Flexibility and knowledge reduce costs

The team at Coe’s is therefore particularly pleased that our knowledge and understanding of the materials and technology we work with, along with the flexibility of our approach to design – our willingness to stay open to new research, ideas and innovation and to push the boundaries – has uncovered a solution in enclosure construction that can slash up to 20% off costs with no negative impact on the integrity of the housing.


Typical housing where Coes of Derby
innovation can reduce costs

Coe’s has always worked extensively with the public sector and gas, water, electricity and telecommunications utilities to create housings and kiosks from the design stage to building the finished article. We have now completed more than 5,000 such enclosures, and counting! Due to their more complex shape, corner elements of housings represent a relatively high proportion of the overall manufacturing cost.

We always aim to deliver the best possible product using the most appropriate materials for the optimum cost-effective solutions. Our design and technical personnel had been working on this particular area for some time. They found that replacing GRP corner components with extruded aluminium had no detrimental effects on quality or practical use but could knock a fifth off overall costs – a solution we are now happy to put into practice for any of our customers.