Rapid response and quality finish from Coe’s

At Coe’s of Derby, our focus is on more than simply delivering the best hand-laid GRP mouldings. Our goal is always to deliver the best GRP solution to meet our client’s requirements. A recent approach to Coes by commercial vehicle conversion specialists Mackworth Vehicle Conversions is a great example.

Mackworth had recognised the risks associated with cyclists coming alongside a lorry in traffic to a point where it was difficult or even impossible for the driver to see the cyclist from their position in the cab. To address this risk, Mackworth was working on a project to add dedicated Cycle Vision Windows to cab doors on the DAF CF Range.

Initial GRP prototypes showed promise but production issues meant that the internal finish being achieved was not to the level that they were looking for. Furthermore,  order commitments to customers meant that timescales were being squeezed.


Coe’s of Derby deliver…

Consequently, Mackworth approached Coe’s of Derby to assist in this project. They sent us a rough sample as a starting point. Within only a few days, we were able to reverse engineer the sample and produce our own initial component. The improvement in the finish quality was clear to see and we supplied our unit to Mackworth for their consideration. 

Mackworth installed our initial sample after which they suggested a few minor alterations to simplify production fitting. Very quickly, Mackworth approved our final prototype and as a result, we received the first production batch order. Naturally we delivered within the agreed timeframe.

Jamie Morris, Mackworth Product Sales Manager says…

We were very impressed with the quality of the end product. Our Vision Windows
are primarily fitted to new vehicles and as such the fit and finish
of any interior panel must be in line with the aesthetic
standard our customers expect.

Our experience of working with Coe's has been pleasurable and we are
currently exploring other avenues in which fibreglass products, coupled with
the experience and manufacturing knowledge of Coe's,
may bring further business opportunity our way.

Although our quality comes as standard, it is always good to get positive feedback from customers. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Mackworth.

If you would like to find out more about how Coe’s can help you with your Glass and Fibre Reinforced Plastics components, please get in touch