Coe’s approved as Peli dealers

Coe’s of Derby has been supplying bespoke GRP tool cases and other boxes to the Ministry of Defence for over 60 years. We are proud of our long-term supply relationship with such a prestigious customer. Our flexibility enables us to adapt our specially designed cases to a range of applications ensuring that users always have exactly the right case for the job. However, there can be a downside. It is inevitable that a bespoke case, custom designed and manufactured to meet a specific need, carries a cost premium.

Our focus is always on the most appropriate solution for our clients’ needs. In some instances, it might be that the additional cost of a bespoke product is not necessary. A high-quality ‘off-the-shelf’ product may be perfectly suitable.  A downside of splitting product sourcing between bespoke and ‘off-the-shelf’ can mean dealing with separate suppliers. This can even offset some of the cost-benefit through increased admin. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that different products all meet the same, exacting quality standards.

A new partnership

Alongside the bespoke cases supplied to the MoD by Coe’s, they had a requirement that could be effectively met by a high-quality standard case, such as those manufactured by industry specialists Peli Products. Peli boxes are waterproof and renowned for their durability. Many international expeditions use them. Peli also supply the MoD and many other armed forces. Following discussions with Peli, and input from the MoD,  Coe’s of Derby are pleased to have been appointed as distributor/agent for the Peli range.

The undoubted quality of the Peli range fits extremely well with the Coe’s of Derby philosophy of delivering the best quality products fitting exactly our customer’s requirements.  Our new relationship with Peli gives us even more flexibility. Consequently, we can ensure customers have the most appropriate protective storage for precision tools and equipment as cost-effectively as possible.

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